Wheel Repair Lathe

Searching for Wheel Repair Lathe? Look no further! At The Smart Repair Centre, we use a specially designed lathe to enable perfect diamond-cut wheel repair services.


Our Wheel Repair Lathe Service:

For the uninitiated, lathes are a type of machinery. When properly used, they perform a variety of repair operations. For example, sanding, drilling, facing and turning. We know leaving important repairs to the human eye alone would be a major reason. Therefore, we utilise lathes to ensure the required accuracy and precision.

So, how does our lathe service differ from its counterparts? These lathes have grown in popularity in more recent years. Especially as many more cars now have alloy wheels. Furthermore, anything beyond superficial wheel damage is very dangerous. Remember, you’re potentially accountable for other lives while driving, not just your own.

We use lathes to put you back in control of all your wheels. As a result, hopefully, there’s less chance of an accident or being stranded due to a damaged wheel.


Why Choose The Smart Repair Centre?

Wheel Repair Lathe

We founded the company in 2001 with humble beginnings. Since then, The Smart Repair Centre has evolved into a leading car repair dealership in Colchester. We value the importance of high-quality service and restoring damaged wheels to working order. Moreover, we also provide extensive cosmetic repairs. By using the latest training and equipment, we meet and surpass the desired results.

Meanwhile, we stand out from the crowd in one distinct way. Our mobile wheel repair van means we visit at your convenience. There’s no need to rearrange your schedule, we come to you. You book it and we will come to your site. Although we base ourselves in Colchester, we also cover other areas such as Ipswich.

Our service ensures precise accuracy, eliminating the problem for good!


Contact Us – For The Best Wheel Repair Lathe Service:

Interested in our Wheel Repair Lathe service? Then make sure to get in contact with us today! You can fill in an enquiry form by clicking here. Or if you would prefer, you can contact our team directly through email at: info@tsrcentre.co.uk, or call us on: 01206 973 042. We look forward to hearing from you!