Wheel Repair Ipswich

Browsing for Wheel Repair Ipswich? Search no longer, at The Smart Repair Centre we specialise in painting, cleaning, and repairing wheels!


Why Choose The Smart Repair Centre?

At The Smart Repair Centre we offer extensive services. This includes paintless dent removal, paint repair, alloy wheel repair, interior repairs and windscreen repairs.

Alloy wheels commonly pick up scratches and damage around the outer rim. This typically occurs when a car hits a kerb or speed bump too hard.

If the impact is particularly hard, an alloy wheel could split. Therefore,  the entire part would need to be replaced. Small stones and also dust particles will also chip away the paint. Moreover, this results in the degradation of the paint.

Wheel Repair IpswichOur specialist team can easily and effectively repairs kerbed alloy wheels. We use advanced coating techniques and quality control inspections

We are a professional, family-run business that understands the need for properly repaired wheels.

Your wheels are one of the most important aspects of your car. Damage to them can impact your ability to steer your vehicle.

Damaged wheels can be dangerous, it can make your wheels more likely to blow. As a result, this is why any damage to your wheels need to be addressed quickly.

We are aware that coming into us can be an issue for some people. However, that is why we are happy to state we have a mobile wheel repair van. This comes to you, at work or at home, at your convenience. It is thanks to this that we have expanded into wheel repair Ipswich.


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