Wheel Customisation Process

Wheels do not always just need repairing. Using our state of the art powder coating facilities we are able to fully customise alloy wheels. Whether this is masking edges and areas to create two tone or multi colour wheels or using specialist powders to create mesmerizing effects.

The methods typically start with the same process as our standard wheel repairs, the wheels are submersed in acid and sandblasted to give a perfect even base for the powder primer.

Our selection of paints and powders are almost limitless, using the same paint mixing scheme we are able to match any colour. Check out this video of a full customisation process. Video coming soon.

Our service here includes a consultation to create your vision exactly as you wish, matching colours, creating different finishes and even creating mock ups to show you exactly what your vehicle will look like after the customisation. Ask us today or book an appointment here.

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