How To Prep A Car For Paint

Preparation for painting a car after it has been damaged has a variety of steps and methods along the way. With our highly experienced team here at The Smart Repair Centre. We are able to repair anything from a stone chip to larger crash repairs and it all starts with the prep.

If the panel is dented, whether it is plastic or metal the dent is removed as much as possible to avoid unnecessary use of filler. A light sanding removes the paint from the damaged area and allows the technician to apply a light skim of filler to build up the original shape. Once the filler has dried a coat of primer is applied and is sanded back with fine sandpaper to achieve a perfect base. Using our state of the art paint colour scanner, the team here are able to match the cars colour using are largest database of colours in the industry. The vehicle is rolled into our dust and temperature controlled spray booth oven. The colour coat is applied gradually, building up the layers to achieve the perfect shade. Once this has dried the final top coat of lacquer is applied to give it that high gloss flawless finish. To read more about how we paint our vehicles here check out this link

A quick bake in our spray booth oven allows the paint to dry and cure quickly allowing the technicians to polish and finish the job off quickly for our customers convenience. Want to see how it’s done, take a look at our team in action.

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