Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget Your Car!

10 Hot Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Car

1. Get in those creases

Use a cloth wrapped screw driver to reach into those unreachable places. You know, the ones that all the crumbs seem to gather into. A damp cloth will wipe up all that crumb'y mess in no time. (A soft toothbrush works just as well).

2. Change those wiper blades

A wiper blade is a lot like a pillow, you only remember they need changing when your using them. But nobody likes a streaky window, so get out there and get some new ones. Alternatively, take your existing wipers off and giving them a clean and wipe down with some vinegar.

3. Scrub up the headlights

It can be dangerous to leave your headlights dingy – they’re an important part of letting the other drivers know you’re on the road, after all. The simple answer to this problem, Toothpaste! Rub your headlights with a microfiber cloth and toothpaste, then a damp cloth and voila! However, to get a that brand new show room look back to your headlights you'll need to sand and polish them.

4. Wash your floor mats

Floor mats will be the dirtiest part of the car, especially after the winter season. Get them out and give them a good wash down and hoover.

5. Polish out small scratches

Some smaller scratches do not necessarily need painting. You'll need to know what your doing, or at least get someone who does and you'll have no problem getting rid of those annoying little nicks.

6. Windows

Shine the windows. After all that winter driving, the windows will need a bit of extra attention. Clean the inside and outside using a window cleaner. Shine them with a dry towel. Do the mirrors of the vehicle in the same way.

7. No need for those winter tyres

It time to change your tyres back, or maybe just new tyres completely. Winter roads and ice can take a toll of them. Getting new tyres will make a huge difference to the way your car drives.

8. The Console

Wash the consoles carefully. Avoid getting electrical connections wet, but do wipe them down appropriately. Clean out cup holders, too. Use a wet cloth to get the top of the dashboard, but be careful to dry it thoroughly.

9. Get your car smelling as sweet as the spring flowers

Using deliciously smelling cleaning products on your car will make never want to get out. We recommend using cleaning products from ADS Car Care as that is what we use for all our cleaning services. Their wide array of scents and high quality products can't be matched. -

10. Book your car in at The Smart Repair Centre

The Smart Repair Centre is a one stop shop for all cosmetic damage. We offer a wide variety of services from paint & polishing to new tyres and valeting. Spring is here and we are there to help your car enjoy it as much as we do.

CLICK HERE to book your car in with us and get it spring ready.


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