Plastic Repairs

The Smart Repair Centre offers a wide variety of services to allow our customers to get all their damages repair in one easy, friendly and cost effective place. One of these services include plastic repairs; cracked bumpers and large lacerations in a vehicles outer body plastic can be repaired without the panel being replaced. This saves the customer a lot of hassle and money. 

Cracked Bumper Repair

Here at Smart Repair Centre we can repair your bumper to look as good as new. Saving you the cost of a new bumper being fitted. We professionally sand down the damaged area, fill the crack and repaint the area to an exceptionally high standard.

Cracked bumper repair

External Plastic Trim Repair

If you have damaged the trim of your vehicle, whether it be Cracks, scratches, scrapes or scuffs then here at Smart Repair Centre we can restore them to their original condition including any textured finish. Saving you from any hassle or eyesore.

External plastic trim repair

Plastic Dent Repair

If your car has suffered an unfortunate dent to the bumper, then we have the solution. If the bumper dent has a paintwork scratch or scuff, the dent can be repaired by using a professional filler and repainted.

Plastic dent repair