Painted Wheel Repair

There is a reason why most of the major dealerships choose us to repair their damaged alloy wheels. Our full acid dipping and powder coating facilities are one of the most advanced in the area and allow us to achieve our ultra high standards for our customers.

Once the wheels are acid dipped, our wheel technicians sand blast and prep the wheel ready for powder coating. This is a crucial step to ensure a perfect even finish for the powder to be applied.

The powder is applied in stages, starting with the primer. After the primer, the colour is applied and then the lacquer. Each stage is baked in our oven sometimes to temperatures up to 190°C. This is what creates the superior durable finish. Check out how we powder coat wheels.

Our huge range of wheel colours is what sets us apart from the rest, and allows us to particularly colour match any colour wheel. Fancy something a bit different, check out or wheel colour change ranges here.

Kerb damaged wheels, corrosion damage or even a cracked or buckled wheel from a pothole. Wheels can get damaged in a number of ways. So we ensure, no matter the damage we will get your wheels looking brand new.

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