Scratching your car is an inevitable part of owning a car. A slight chip for a stone, hitting something, pressing the accelerator too hard and hitting a post. It happens. How you handle it will be how you handle anything that goes wrong. So many people get annoyed and frustrated, others just shrug it off. There isn’t anything that you can do to change what has happened. But what you can do is get it repaired to make your car look as good as new. There are several different kinds of paint repair that The Smart Repair Centre can offer you.

Stone Chip Repair

So, you are driving down a country lane and all you can hear is stones hitting your car. It is an annoying fact of life that stones leave small, but deep chips in the paintwork. They are caused by your tires or the tires of the car in front of you flicking stones up and at your paintwork. They are a common fact of life, so why repair them? Well, the issue comes about when the weather acts up and those small chips become a problem. One aspect of car paint that people don’t really acknowledge is that it helps protect the metal under the paint from damage. The stone removes that protection. When the weather changes and rain comes, the problem comes from the water getting into the chip and rusting the metal beneath. This can create long term damage and weakness to the metal as the rust spreads.

Large Dent Repair

Hitting something is terrifying. Anyone that has hit something, a tree or fence or even a deer, all experience that terror. Then there is the horror and anger that your car is damaged. Cosmetically, it looks horrible, but it isn’t just a cosmetic thing. If you are planning on reselling your car, a dent will damage the resale value of your car. This means that you won’t get as much money as you would have before. If it compromises your paintwork, well, then you could end up with a problem with rust. Water can get in through the compromised paintwork and that can mean that rust can develop. Rust and corrosion spread fast and it can compromise the structural integrity and safety of your car.

Broken Paint Repair

There are a lot of things that can cause broken paint repair, but the need to get it fixed hasn’t changed. Like we have previously mentioned in this blog, paint and paint sealant provides protection for the underlying mental and that can lead to things such as rust spreading beneath the paintwork. It may seem repetitive, but a major reason to get anything to do with the paint repaired is to do with the threat from rust.

Scratch and Scuff repair

Even if you ignore the, what seems to be the repetitive reason of rust, as to why you should get your scratches and scuff repaired, there are other reasons. Another major reason to get these things repaired is that they can impact your cars resale value. A car is an investment in your future. It pays for itself in how it can get you from A to B. 

Then, eventually, once it is paid off, you resell it or trade it in for another car. Now, the car will unlikely be worth as much as when you bought it. That is just a fact. However, scratches and scuff will impact your resale value even further. They happen, its a fact. Leaving them can mean that you won’t get the amount of money you were hoping for when it comes time to trade in your old car or sell it on 

Having a car is a point of pride for many people. They love the freedom and independence that it gives them as well, for some, the sense of power. Having dents, scratches and such damaging that sense of pride and joy you get from your car. It can be a point of shame and mocking for some people. We at The Smart Repair Centre can help you. We can help save your car from permanent damage and help maintain its value. To find out more, give us a call on 01206 675 532 or email us on