Why Use Our Paint Protection?

How It Works

100% Peelable Paint

Our solution is purely a water based paint. Which is applied, almost identically to OEM paint.


Using a '6 coat system', our paint protection solution guarantees to protect your paint as much as traditional Paint Protection Film, if not more.


There is never any paint preparation needed on your panels to make P1 stick or peel off. Simply degreasing the panel is all we need to do. 

How it sticks, and peels. Well thats a secret. 

Enquire today to see what it can do for you. 



Our Paint Protection is a water based product - so there are no solvents or adhesives in contact with your OEM paint - vinyls are particularly notorious for using very strong adhesives, they can pull off your paintwork when removed, and take a few days to remove using heat guns.


When applying vinyls, most companies use modelling knives to cut the vinyl, these can easily cut through your paint work - customer don’t see this until the vinyl is removed and rust has formed.

It is painted on like typical OEM paint so eliminating that risk.


Vinyls cannot go around shut lines,

the solution flows as normal paint flows, around shut lines leaving a nice unnoticeable seamless finish. Equally, on large surfaces, there are always join lines with Vinyls. You can treat the solution as you would any car paint, using pressure washes and auto car washes.


The finish on our solution is as good as factory paint or better. It is quick to remove when you want to change it.

Best of all, it can be cut and polished because it is simply a water based paint. Unlike Vinyl, where the finish is lumpy and can not be improved. 


Vinyls do not contain UV filters - The solution does, therefore there is no paint fade with your OEM below also no colour bleed. Vinyls really damage the paintwork with UV fade - you only have to look at an old van that has had the logos removed, and you can still see the name imprinted onto the paintwork.


The solution can be fixed if damaged. It is more cost effective, because you do not need to buy 50m of vinyl. It can simply be re-applied or painted. 

It’s also self healing if cut, savings your car from small stone chips and light scratches. 

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