Mobile Wheel Repairs

Searching for Mobile Wheel Repairs? Look no further, at The Smart Repair Centre we have a specialist team that can come to you!


Why Choose The Smart Repair Centre?

Mobile Wheel RepairThe Smart Repair Centre is a company based out of Colchester, Essex. We started out over 20 years ago offering paintless dent removal to the local dealerships.

Our mobile Wheel repair Service means that you will no longer need to drive out of your way in order to get your wheel repaired!

The service will come to you at your convenience. This mobile wheel repair service can help with almost everything save for powder coating.

Additionally our mobile repair service, even has its own lathe so diamond cut wheel repairs can be done as well.

Our Mobile Wheel Repair service is perfect for those that are constantly on the go all day. They do not have the time to go to a repair shop, so can now request the mobile wheel repair service to come to them. This is an incredible way of ensuring that your plans for the day are not completely ruined by unexpected wheel damage.

Having to repair a wheel is a bother. Most people consider it to be something insignificant when there is damage to the wheel. The problem with that attitude is that damage to the wheel is never insignificant!

Damage to the wheel can seriously impact the performance of your car. It can cause the wheel to move unpredictable or come off. Which can cause an accident when driving, and this is a result that no one wants. You need to take this seriously as the repercussions can be terrible.

Customer Service is at the heart of what we do here and we will work hard to provide that for you!


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