Kerb Damage Ipswich

If you are suffering from kerb damage in Ipswich and live a busy life, then it may look like it is next to impossible for you to be able to have the damage repaired, but that is where our mobile services come into play. Imagine being able to have a wheel repair service that comes out to you and repairs your damaged wheels then and there, whether you are at work or at home. This is the ultimate convenience and that is what we wanted when we began this service. We wanted to be able to expand our service from our Colchester base, out would, reaching the people of Ipswich. We have listened to the requests for us to expand our services and a mobile wheel repair service is being launched. 

Kerb Damage is unavoidable sometimes, especially for people who have to parallelly park a great deal or otherwise are new drivers. All it takes is getting too close to the kerb for you to experience some kerb damage. Kerbs are usually constructed from concrete or granite. This is something that has been done to ensure both the safety of the pedestrians and prolongs the life of the pavement. However, these are materials that are also very hard and have little to no give. This means that they will do damage to your wheels when you hit the kerb. The result is often unsightly. Your beautiful wheels end up looked scuffed and damaged and this is something that is visually unappealing. It should not affect the drive quality of your car, it just makes your car seem unused and uncared about. We know that it could not be further from the truth, so book your wheel repair today!

The Smart Repair Centre is a family run business based out of Colchester in Essex. They are expanding their services towards the Ipswich area, so if you are looking for kerb damage in Ipswich repair services then look no further than us! Contact us today! Visit our website on, email us on, or give us a call at 01206 973 042.