Ipswich Wheel Scuff

Searching for Ipswich wheel scuff that you need repaired? Then look no further, The Smart Repair Centre has the service for you!


Why Choose Us For Repairing Wheel Scuffs In Ipswich?

Ipswich Wheel ScuffAt The Smart Repair Centre, we can get your car back to how it should look without you even needing to visit our workshop! This is achieved by our state of the art mobile wheel repair van that can come to you.

The wheels of your car are expertly prepped and painted using the highest quality paints, all of which is done in a matter of hours – so you can get back on the road with your wheels perfectly restored as soon as possible!

The process of repairing the wheel of your car consists of acid dipping and stripping the wheel of all the old paint, ensuring the new coat will be more durable and last for a longer time!

After the wheel has been dipped and cleaned it then gets sand-blasted, to make sure all of the old paint has been taken off along with removing all scuffs and chips that were present.

The wheel is then heated to a very high temperature, and the powder coat primer is applied. Because of the very high temperature, the primer melts on impacts which gives an ultra smooth texture!

Once the wheel has been heated again, the final power coat will be applied to the wheel. This stage is what produces a high gloss finish, or if you would prefer an ultra smooth matte/satin finish.

Lastly, with one more heating up, the wheel goes to the tyre fitting team. This is where it is re-balanced and fitted back on to the car!

Additionally, we work alongside the leading powder-coat supplier in the UK, so if you desire something a little more unique for your wheel you are in luck! We offer a full customisation service, if you are interested in this make sure to contact us more for more details.


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