Ipswich Diamond-Cut Wheel Repair

Ipswich Diamond-Cut Wheel Repair

In Ipswich diamond-cut wheel repair is in high demand. Naturally, there are a few options to choose from. Why not try a well-established business like The Smart Repair Centre?

Many of us take pride in our cars. More specifically, how our car looks. The wheels are a major component of this. In fact, damage ruins the impact of your car’s appearance. Some damage can also be very dangerous or even life-threatening.

At The Smart Repair Centre, we provide Ipswich diamond-cut wheel repair services. We began as a dent repair service for local dealerships. However, we expanded to become what we are today. Our highly experienced team handles most cosmetic repairs which enter the repair centre.

Ipswich Diamond-Cut Wheel Repair


We use a specially designed lathe to target specific areas. Consequently, we strip paint from damaged sections of the wheel. We carefully evaluate the necessary repairs, however, before doing so. As well as this, we can only perform the diamond-cutting process a limited number of times. The wheel is usually compromised if done more than twice. As a result, it is dangerous to cut it further. At this point, a replacement wheel is usually recommended.

Are you not in the immediate Colchester area? No worries! We can come to you, thanks to our mobile wheel repair van. We perform many repairs including diamond-cut wheel repair. Book the van at your convenience. Whether at work or at home, we arrive to repair the wheel.

Ultimately, The Smart Repair Centre takes great pride in the quality of work we do. Time shows we offer great results and excellent customer service.

Would you like to find out more about our Ipswich diamond-cut wheel repair services? If so, contact us today! You can email us at info@tsrcentre.co.uk or give us a call on 01206 973 042. Or Click here.

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