Interior Repairs

The Smart Repair Centre offers a wide variety of services to allow our customers to get all their damages repair in one easy, friendly and cost effective place. One of these services include plastic repairs; cracked bumpers and large lacerations in a vehicles outer body plastic can be repaired without the panel being replaced. This saves the customer a lot of hassle and money.

Plastic Trim Repair

Interior plastic trims and dashboards sometimes get damaged. Whether that is from pets, or things taken in and out of your vehicle. Here at The Smart Repair Centre we are able to fully repair any interior plastic trim back to brand new. This saves our customers time and money by avoiding expensive unnecessary replacement parts.

Fabric Repair

Cigarette burns, tears and worn seats. Your car sometimes needs a little TLC, here at The Smart Repair Centre we cover all types of interior repairs to get your car looking back to brand new.

leather repair

Leather wears over time, this is something we can not avoid. Getting in and out of your vehicle ultimately results in small scuffs and tears and general wear. That is why here at The Smart Repair Centre we are able to fully repair or replace leather and upholstery in your car’s interior to get it back to that showroom finish.