How to repair kerbed wheels:

Kerbing your alloy wheel can be an upsetting experience, however, rest assured that we can get it looking back to brand new. Wheel refurbishments consist of a variety of methods from repairing a buckled wheel, kerb damage and even welding a cracked wheel.

Our customers have the option of either using our mobile service or visiting our workshop in Essex. If you wanted to read more about how we powder coat the wheels here at The Smart Repair Centre, follow this link.

Once the wheels are cleaned and/ or dipped the ‘prep’ is undertaken. Our technicians have incredible attention to detail here, smoothing out any imperfections or chips in the wheel before any paint and lacquer is applied.

There is a reason why we are the leading wheel refurbishment centre in the area. Take a look at the video below to watch the process of repairing a damaged alloy wheel here at our workshop.

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