How to repair interior damage:

A vehicle’s interior gets damaged just as much as the outside. Using specialist techniques and high quality materials, we are able to repair the damage so you’ll never notice.

The methods used are very similar to repair external damage but using a variety of different materials. The first steps, much the same as external repairs is to clean the damaged area.

For a leather tear or scratch the damage is slightly filled using a flexible interior filler. This is allowed to dry and is sanded down to match the surrounding area. Once the technician has filled the damage we then need to match the colour and texture of the fabric around the old damage.

There are thousands of different types of coloured and textured interiors, but with our experienced technicians we are able to mix and match practically anything. Once the colour and texture have been matched, the primer and paint is sprayed and blended into the damaged area so it looks good as new. Check out this video of an interior repair one of our technicians did here at The Smart Repair Centre.

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