How to repair diamond cut wheels:

Diamond cut alloys have a different appearance to the more conventional painted/powder coated alloy wheel. On closer inspection the wheel’s finish is similar to a CD with a high reflection from the cut aluminum.

Repairing diamond cut wheels require a slightly different method than normal powder coated alloy wheels, with an extra step in the process.

Once the wheels are acid dipped, sand-blasted and powder coated the cutting process begins. Using our in-house lathe and mobile units a fine skim along the face of the wheel reveals the bare aluminium underneath giving the wheel its signature shine. The sole purpose of our machine is for the refinishing of alloy wheels which means taking the minimum amount of material off a wheel to put it back to a perfect finish, on average we only remove 0.6mm from the surface of a wheel.

To see our lathe in action, take a look at this video of inside the lathe during the cutting process.

To read more about the powder coating and finishing process follow this link.

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