How to powder-coat wheels:

Powder coating is much like painting a car, the techniques and equipment are similar and the attention to detail is just as important. To create our signature flawless finish takes a lot of experience and expert techniques. Take a look at the video below to watch our team at work.

The process consists of acid dipping and stripping the wheel of all the old paint. Once dipped and cleaned the wheel is sand-blasted. The wheel is fully prepped and repaired, removing all small scuffs and chips.

The powder coating process starts with pre-heating the wheels in our large oven with temperatures reaching 180°C. The powder coat primer is then applied to the hot wheel and melts on impact giving an ultra smooth texture. Another bake in the oven cures off the primer coat, while the wheel is still hot a light ‘grip coat’ of colour is applied to the wheel. The layers of colour are built up and it is at this stage the diamond cutting would be done if required.

The final powder coat is applied being the lacquer stage. This is what gives us that high gloss finish or in some cases an ultra smooth matte/satin finish. With one last bake in the oven curing the lacquer it’s ready to go and for our tyre fitting team to work their magic re-balancing and fitting back to the car.

If you desire something a little more unique, we offer a full customisation service. We work alongside the leading powder-coat supplier in the UK and are proud to showcase some of their incredible powders.

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