How To Paint A Car

Using our state of the art dust and temperature controlled spray booth oven, we are able to achieve our signature flawless finish. The process has multiple steps in order to keep the level of control needed to create said finish.

Once the car is prepped, the panels are cleaned using our degreaser to remove any residue and silicone that might disrupt the paint. The clean panel is then masked with a combination of masking tape, masking paper and plastic sheeting. This step is crucial to stop any over-spray and unwanted masking edges.

The car, fully ready for paint to be applied, is ‘tacked’ using a dust collecting tack cloth as a final precaution. The base coat which has been mixed prior to entering the booth is applied using our base coat spray gun; building the colour in layers to achieve a perfect colour match. Check out this video of one of our painters applying the first coat of base colour. 

Once the base coat colour has been applied and the lacquer mixed, we then move onto the final process of the paint process. The final layer which gives the job its desired finish.

Like the base coat, the lacquer is applied in layers to build up the desired finish. Once fully applied, the oven is set to bake and the paint is cured.

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