Full Wheel Refurbishment

If your car needs a new look, why not try Full Wheel Refurbishment? At The Smart Repair Centre, this is one of many services we provide. Whether diamond-cut wheel repairs, painted wheel repairs or complete wheel colour changes. We make your wheels look better than ever!

Having been in business for over 20 years, we know what to do. Therefore, we can assure high-quality work at unbeaten prices. Much like any industry, years of practice and understanding refine our wheel refurbishment techniques. Consequently, we use our expertise alongside your initial vision to achieve the perfect result. This process could not be more straightforward.

Additionally, we maintain close relationships with each of our clients. They understand and appreciate our knowledge, well aware that we produce excellent results. At present, Mark Woodger manages our team of wheel technicians.

Full Wheel Refurbishment


With extensive experience in his trade, our customers could not be in better hands. To find out more about processes, feel free to browse the “How We Do It“  section of our website. However, should any complex queries arise, our team are more than happy to help.

Below are some of the wheel refurbishment services we offer, outlined in further detail:

  • Diamond Cut Wheel Repair: To achieve perfect Diamond Cut Wheel Repair, we use a state-of-the-art lathe. This allows us to repair customers’ wheels in a precise, efficient manner. Why settle for second best? Choose us for your Diamond Cut Wheel Repair.
  • Painted Wheel Repair: In this instance, we service wheels affected by kerb damage. Or, in some cases, where the wheels corrode. Therefore, we use our advanced powder coating facilities to appropriately perform these repairs.
  • Full Wheel Colour Change: We have several designs available to choose from. Whether Gold Chrome or Chameleon Colour Shifting. If you struggle to pick a design, we create mock-ups to help generate ideas.