Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do you remove dents?

Answer: Removing a dent can sometimes be done without damaging the existing paintwork, the dents are massaged out gradually from behind the panel to ease the dent without cracking or stressing the paint on top. To read more about how we use paintless dent removal follow this link.

Question: What is a diamond cut wheel?

Answer: Diamond cut alloy wheels are simply standard alloys which have the face machine cut to reveal the natural shine of the bare aluminum. To read more about the wheels and the repair process follow this link.

Question: Is my wheel diamond cut?

Answer: An easy way to tell if your wheel is diamond cut is to see if the face of the alloy wheel is a different colour to the inner spokes. If the answer is yes, it is probably diamond cut

Question: What is powder coating?

Answer: A free flowing dry powder, typically applied electrostatically. Cured under heat to allow the powder to melt and flow to produce a film. After which, it is cooled to give a solid, decorative and protective film. To read more about this follow this link.

Question: How do you colour match my car?

Answer: With our state of the art paint scanner, we are able to accurately scan and match even the oldest and faded paints

Question: How long will my paint last?

Answer: The team here is always striving for perfection, that’s why we are one of the leading companies in the area using the highest quality paints and materials to ensure our customers get the best.

Question: Can I wash my car after it has been painted?

Answer: You certainly can, however, we do recommend not using hash chemicals and abrasives.

Question: What do I do if my wheel is leaking air?

Answer: There could be a few possibilities, the main causes of air leaking from a tyre could be a small crack or buckle in the alloy. Sometimes depending on the wheels age, it could be corrosion. All of which can easily be resolved here at The Smart Repair Centre.

Question: Will my other wheels look different if I only get one done?

Answer: We are the leading alloy wheel refurbishment centre in the area, looking after most of the major local dealerships and their fleets, therefore our immersive range of wheel colours means we can practically colour match anything. The only difference will be that it looks brand new once it is done.

Question: How do you repair leather?

Answer: Our interior repair specialists here have a wide range of techniques for repairing leather and vehicle interiors. The techniques are very similar to repair the body of a car, but using flexible, textured paints and colours. In the case of larger tears and holes, trims can be removed and re-upholstered to make the piece look brand new.

Question: Do you offer a guarantee?

Answer: We certainly do, as a family run business we know customer service is our strongest aspect. Therefore, we are passionate about the service and guarantee we offer to our customers. Follow this link to read about our guarantees in more depth.

Question: Do you offer a touch up service?

Answer: Yes we do, sometimes a full repair and paint is not needed. For smaller stone chips and light scratches we are able to offer our sprayless scratch repair service at a fraction of the cost. Follow this link for more information.

Question: Can you mix up extra paint?

Answer: Of course, we mix all our own paints here to ensure the best possible colour match. If you require a little more for the odd stone chip later down the line just let us know when making the booking and we can give you some to take away.

Question: What size is my wheel?

Answer: You wheel size can easily be found on the outside of your tyres. An example would be 245/45R19 – The “19” part is the size of the wheel. In this case it is a 19” wheel.

Question: Do you offer mobile repairs?

Answer: Yes, we have a team of technicians covering areas of London, Essex, and Suffolk offering services from paintless dent removal and interior repairs to mobile paint repairs and alloy wheel refurbishment. We even have a mobile diamond cut repair van with a built in lathe.

Question: What areas do you cover?

Answer: Our main areas are Essex and Suffolk but we can come out into parts of London if required.