Diamond-Cut Wheel Repair

Using our state of the art lathe, we are able to fully repair our customers diamond cut wheels quickly and at the highest standard available. During the powder coating process the wheels are secured in our lathe here and a ultra fine cut is applied to remove the damage and reveal the bare aluminium underneath.

Check out this video of our lathe in action.

Kerb damaged wheels, corrosion damage or even a cracked or buckled wheel from a pothole. Diamond cut wheels can get damaged in a number of ways. So we ensure, no matter the damage we will get your wheels looking brand new. Unsure if your wheel is diamond cut?

Once the wheels are cut our powder lacquer is applied to seal the bare metal and provide the desired high quality finish. To read more about how we repair diamond cut wheels check out our “How We Do It section.

To read more about our mobile diamond cut service click here.

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Kerbed Diamond Cut Wheel Repair

Kerbed Diamond Cut Wheel Repair

Diamond Cut Wheel Corrosion Repair

Diamond Cut Wheel Corrosion Repair

Buckled Or Cracked Wheel Repair

Buckled or Cracked Wheel Repair