Diamond cut Wheel Repair Colchester

Diamond Cut Wheel Repair in Colchester is something that you need to consider. Diamond cut wheels are something to admire. They are stunning. The result is a beautiful high shine finish that is certain to attract attention. It also provides the ideal base finish for other wheel services, such as colour change as well as creating eye-catching wheels with a new colour and fresh paint.

Diamond cut wheel repair is something that can only be done so many times, maybe once or twice before the integrity of the wheel is compromised and the wheel needs replacing. Our team will carefully evaluate your wheels before we begin to ensure that the diamond cut process will not compromise your wheels and your safety. Driving on compromised wheels is extremely dangerous and not something that should be attempted. If the wheels cannot be cut again, we can offer you brand new wheels instead.

We have a state of the art CNC lathe that is specifically designed to handle diamond cut wheel repairs. We take off only the bare minimum of metal to ensure the integrity of the wheel. We work hard to ensure that we offer only the highest quality to our customers. Once we finish with the lathe, we powder coat the wheel to ensure a lasting perfection.

Many dealerships in the area take advantage of our diamond cut wheel repair services. Mercedes and BMW in particular are known to BMW satisfied with our precision and finish. Why would you not want to join their ranks as one of our customers?

We have been around in Colchester for over 20 years, starting our as a dent repair service to the major dealerships of the area. Over the years, the services have expanded to cover almost, if not all, cosmetic repairs and changes to cars. We are here to help.

The Smart Repair Centre is a family run business with a fantastic reputation for the quality of their services as well as their customer service. If you are looking for Diamond Cut Wheel Repair in Colchester, then you would be a fool to go anywhere else. Find out more today! Visit our website on www.thesmartrepaircentre.co.uk, email us at info@tsrcentre.co.uk or give us a call on 01206 973 042.