Diamond Cut Wheel Repair Colchester

Looking for Diamond Cut Wheel Repair Colchester? Then you have found the right place, here at The Smart Repair Centre!

Diamond cut wheels are a stunning high-shine finish that is certain to attract attention. As well as this, it provides the ideal base finish for other wheel services.

For instance, colour change and creating eye-catching wheels with a new colour and fresh paint.  We offer this at The Smart Repair Centre.


Why Choose The Smart Repair Centre?

Diamond Cut Wheel Repair ColchesterOur team will carefully evaluate your wheels straight away. This ensures the diamond cut process will not affect your wheels or your safety.

We have a state of the art CNC lathe. We only remove the bare minimum of metal. So, the wheel’s integrity remains intact. We work hard to ensure we offer the highest quality to our customers.

Once we finish with the lathe, we powder coat the wheel. Thereby establishing a lasting perfection.

Many local dealerships avail of our diamond cut wheel repair services. In particular, Mercedes and BMW are some notable examples.

Over the years, our services have expanded to cover almost all cosmetic repairs and changes to cars. We are here to help!

Driving on compromised wheels is extremely dangerous. So send an enquiry to us, as soon as possible!


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The Smart Repair Centre is a family run business with a fantastic reputation for the quality of their services as well as their customer service.

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