Diamond Cut wheel refurbishment Ipswich

Looking for Diamond Cut wheel refurbishment Ipswich? Then look no further, The Smart Repair Centre is the right place for you!

Our wheel refurbishment service is known throughout the Ipswich area as being the highest quality. Using our state of the art lathe, we are able to fully repair our customers diamond cut wheels quickly, whilst still at the highest standard available!

Diamond cut wheels can get damaged in a number of ways, such as: by a Kerb, through corrosion damage or even a cracked or buckled wheel from a pothole. So at The Smart Repair Centre, we ensure no matter the damage we will get your wheels looking brand new.


For repairing a kerb damaged or buckled wheel, our customers have the option of either using our mobile service or visiting our workshop in Essex. Within the process of repair, we make sure to have incredible attention to detail so any imperfections or chips in the wheel are smoothed out before any paint and lacquer is applied.

Diamond Cut Wheel Repair

To see why we are the leading wheel refurbishment centre in the Ipswich area, have a look at this video on our website. This shows the process of repairing a damaged alloy wheel within our workshop.

Over time on Alloy wheels, a few small stone chips and a bit of water will cause corrosion to start appearing which ruins the overall appearance. If this issue is left for a long period of time, then it can cause major problems!

At The Smart Repair Centre, we can save you all the trouble of this by restoring the chip damage and repairing the corrosion damage giving your alloys a new lease of life.

If you are very interested in Diamond Cut wheel refurbishment Ipswich, make sure to contact us today! Simply call us on 01206 973 042, or email us through info@tsrcentre.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you!