A stone hits your window at the wrong angle. A children’s toy gets thrown or you just turn up at your car and see a chipped windscreen. It is an annoyance, but why should you get it repaired? It’s just a tiny chip, not all that noticeable. There are several reasons to repair a chip in the windscreen and not all of them are because it is aesthetically pleasing. Hopefully, this will enlighten you.


Something to remember is, the bigger the chip the more expensive it is to repair, but it is still cheaper than what will happen in the long run. A chip is a forbearer of a crack and if it is larger than a credit card, the entire windscreen may need to be replaced and that is far more expensive than fixing the problem before it reaches that point. This is something that can involve your safety. 

The Dangers

It may surprise you to learn, but having a chipped or cracked windscreen can be extremely dangerous. First off, the windscreen is there to protect you. It is there to provide a barrier between what is coming at you and yourself. A chipped or cracked windscreen cannot do this as effectively as it is compromised. The windscreen is more inclined to shatter and you can end up very badly hurt or it can result in death. There is also the fact that it compromises your line of sight. The crack obscures your vision of the road and light reflecting off of it can be extremely distracting. Windscreens are also a part of the structural integrity of the car. A compromised windscreen does not provide any support to the roof and the roof is far more likely to collapse in an accident, especially if, as prone to do when chipped or cracked, the windscreen pops off instead of remaining in place. (source).

Something to remember

Did you know that if a chip is or is larger than 40mm than it can result in an MOT failure? It can also happen if the crack is 10mm in size in zone A of your windscreen. This is the area centred on your steering wheel, which can mean the chip can interfere with the driver vision. This makes the driver far more likely to have an accident. (source).

When your windscreen receives any kind of damage, it is weakened, meaning that you are not as safe in it as you were before the damage occurred. Fixing a small chip before it turns into a crack is relatively cheap and a very quick procedure. It is cheaper than replacing the windscreen or the liability you have placed on yourself in the result of an accident. So, please, get it fixed before disaster falls. We at The Smart Repair Centre, we have many years of experience in fixing this sort of thing before it becomes a costly mistake. Visit us on our website at https://www.thesmartrepaircentreltd.co.uk/ to find out more and learn about what we can offer you.