Alloy Wheel Repair Ipswich

Searching for Alloy Wheel Repair Ipswich? Then look no further, The Smart Repair Centre provides a high quality, professional alloy wheel repair service!

There are many companies to choose from for alloy wheel repair. Although, how many offer to come to you at your convenience? This is where The Smart Repair Centre stands out from the crowd.

For instance, we have a mobile wheel repair van that can come to you. Therefore, no need to rearrange your schedule. You book it and we will come.

We may be based in Colchester however we can also help you in Ipswich!


Why Choose The Smart Repair Centre?

Founded more than 20 years ago, The Smart Repair Centre had a simple start. Namely, we repaired dents for car dealers throughout Colchester.

Since then, we have evolved and expanded to offer cosmetic repairs. Brothers Jake and Mark Harvey founded the company in 2001.

Alloy Wheel Repair Ipswich

Since that time, we have provided incredible results and amazing customer service. Furthermore, we use the latest training and equipment. This ensures we get the results that our customers desire!

We can offer several alloy wheel repair Ipswich services. For example, powder coating to repair damaged paint on the wheels. Or, a complete colour change.

In addition, there is always diamond cut wheel repair. This process carefully removes a minimal amount of metal to restore a wheel to its former glory.

Furthermore, we can also repair any cracks or chips in the wheels. This is something that has to be done when such damage occurs. Anything beyond superficial can be dangerous. For instance, you could end up with a blown tyre if this is not repaired. As well as this, it also impacts the ability to control your car. Find out more here.


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