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Paintless Dent Removal uses a variety of specialist techniques and tools to manipulate the metal without breaking the outer paint. With this, we are able to repair a dented panel back to its previous shape and the vehicle can keep its original paint. 

The customer benefits from this because the vehicle will hold more residual value and the repairs will be cheaper than using the conventional methods. 

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Here at The Smart Repair Centre we have use a cutting edge spray booth and highly trained painters with over 30 years of experience. With the best quality paints and equipment we strive for perfection. 

Because of the efficiency of Smart Repairs we are able to offer our customers lower prices and quicker turn arounds with the repairs. 



Using our state of the art CNC diamond cut wheel lathe we are able to quickly repair customers polished wheels efficiently and to the highest standard available. 

Once the tyre is removed and replaced we also conduct wheel balancing and quality checks to ensure your wheel is repair safely and effectively. 



Using our advanced coating techniques and quality control inspections The Smart Repair Centre can easily and effectively repair our customers curbed alloy wheels. 

We offer a 'No Damage, No Hassle' guarantee on all our repairs to ensure our customers cars stay looking as good as new. 


Wheel Full Colour Change

The Smart Repair Centre is proud to offer Full Colour wheel changing. Simply lets us the know the colour and your wheel specifications and we can change the colour for your wheels in no time. 

Alternatively, give us a call and ask to talk to our design team and we would be happy to help your choose the best colour to suit your vehicle. We'll even create a mock-up of the wheel to show you what it will look like. 


Interior Repairs

Using a variety of techniques and specialised equipment The Smart Repair Centre is able to repair a wide array of interior damages. Cigarette burns and tears to plastic trim scuffs and leather scratches can all be repaired efficiently by our team of trained specialist. Simply complete our enquiry form or alternatively book in a free estimate. 


Plastic Repairs

The Smart Repair Centre offers a wide variety of services to allow our customers to get all their damages repair in one easy, friendly and cost effective place. One of these services include plastic repairs; cracked bumpers and large lacerations in a vehicles outer body plastic can be repaired without the panel being replaced. This saves the customer a lot of hassle and money. 


Windscreen Repairs

Windscreen chips and scratches can be repaired at a very low cost using our simple windscreen repair equipment. Whether you want to book your vehicle in for just a windscreen repair or wanted to add the service while it is having other work done. You can count on us to provide a low cost and effective service. 


Vapour Blasting

We have a growing array of equipment and machinery at The Smart Repair Centre. Included in that is our new Vapour Blasting machine.


This process uses water and an abrasive medium blasted at the component. The water buffers and lubricates the particles on impact allowing very fine finishes to be produced without damage to the component.



We like to offer our customers the whole package for ease and a low cost alternative. This is why we stock a variety of standard tyres and are able to source a large array of stock at our customers request.

Whether you would like to book your vehicle in for just a tyre change or would like to have new tyres on your freshly refurbished wheel. We are here to help. 


Lease Analysis

The Smart Repair Centre is happy to offer our customers a full Lease Car Analysis. When a vehicle's lease ends and there is some damage a typical lease company will charge much more than is needed. However, we are here to help. By conducting our Lease Analysis a trained technician will look over your vehicle and report any damage your specific lease company will charge to repair. We then repair the damage at a reduced rate for our customer after the Analysis. 

A one stop shop, we will ensure your car is in perfect condition to return back to the lease company. 

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